Leather is the oldest natural product in the world. Anyone who loves leather knows that not all leathers are the same. We select only the finest top grain leathers. For the Colorado collection we even only use leathers from special areas of the hide: the characteristically grained necks of Italian cows, which make every precious piece a unique specimen. That way nature remains visible and tactile, and the leather reflects its lived history.

Quality material must be treated with great care. A Golden Head wallet comprises about 50 single components, produced according to an old tradition in approx. 50 manufacturing steps: from grinding, cutting and dyeing (an art itself) to wrapping and stitching and thus to finishing the product step by step. Most work is performed by hand – under the control of sophisticated experts and made by hands that committed themselves to fashioning leather.

The nature of the product. Relief that tells its own story. Grooves, marks and bites are characteristics of unique quality.

From hand to hand. The leather is carefully tanned in an eco-friendly manner and traditionally hand dyed to provide a quality which is supple, soft and gives a pleasant feel. You don’t want to let it go again.

Out of the love for leather. The finest qualities deserve the best workmanship. Every single product is a tribute to the art of the quality bag making and is made with great care and love for details.

Quality as a tradition. A high quality product comprising 50 single pieces is made using precision tools. It will accompany its future owner for many years to come.

From material to design. We design the inherent character of the leather to perfection. Every Golden Head product is unique – and stands out for its unrivalled beauty.